Long Now

by Owen Tromans



Following February’s warmly received For Haden EP and tour with
Co-Pilgrim, Owen has been working on a new full length LP for release in 2014. While the album simmers in the background he has chosen to realise a live favourite and one of his most enigmatic compositions in “Long Now”. Originally written in the period following the release and tour for The Fall of Acre, "Long Now" is an expansive track that betrays Owen’s love of the landscape of California. The song is partly inspired by The Long Now Foundation (longnow.org) of which Owen is a member; its aims of fostering long term thinking and creating a ’10,000 year clock’ run through the song as we follow the character of Sadie along the length of the San Andreas Fault.

For the nine minutes of “Long Now” Owen’s group The Elders return, with the wide open jams that were taking shape on the Acre tour in full effect. The music shifts through sections of improvised guitar interplay to riff-driven muscularity before finally beaching in an oasis of meditative controlled feedback. It’s a fantastic document of The Elders at the height of their powers.

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Sadie’s on the fault line waiting for a shift
Down in Southern California where they get the lift
From the East Pacific Rise to San Gabriel peaks
Palmdale and Frazier and aseismic creep

She’s on Antelope Valley burning through fuel
‘Cause she heard a rumour – sacred and cool
Like the Bay and the Point and the shivering dark
She told me about The Catch in Candlestick Park

Somewhere in the desert there’s a ticking clock
And when the big one comes that boy won’t stop
Up in the mountain, chime for every year
Sounding out pure when we’ve all disappeared

And Sadie knows running down the fault’s spine
We’re all just match flames humbled by time
We need to think in thousands, build something forever
Fire up the lamps; set it down together

She says, “Nations are fictions imposed by our rulers,
The physical map of the world is much cooler.”
Plates will move and we’ll all lose
These tired old flags we didn’t choose


released September 22, 2013
Owen: Guitar Right, Vocals
Danny Gee: Guitar Left, Backing Vocals
Andy Reaney: Bass Guitar
Ben Perry: Drums

Recorded by James Nicholls
Mixed by Dan Parkinson
Mastered by Tim Turan

Photograph by Sean Rohde
Design by Alex Hornsby
Video by Sam Clarke




all rights reserved


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