The Unseen Temple: A James Acre Anthology

by The Unseen Temple



James Acre, leader of the cult latterly known as The Unseen Temple is undoubtedly a fascinating character. A controversial figure, he is known primarily for his “House of the Magicks” and the elaborate, some would say confused, philosophy that he espoused there.
Few are aware that Acre led a band called Resin Head in Manchester, New Hampshire in the early 1990s. Resin Head were later renamed The Unseen Temple, a moniker which would come to encompass Acre’s whole outlook.
Acre would continue to play music on and off right up to his disappearance. Bass player Solomon Charge would often record Acre’s musical activities at The House. It was the burning of many of these recordings that caused Charge to leave the cult in 2003. One cassette was “released” in the lifetime of The Temple Band (as they became known). This cassette was copied and handed out with a photocopied insert to would-be converts at some point in the 1990s. That cassette is presented here in improved audio quality.
This album represents the entire known output of The Unseen Temple as a band, although many suspect that Temple members hold hours of unreleased material including, it is alleged, recordings of Acre’s voice.


released April 17, 2010

Cover photograph by Kim Manley Ort.

Photo was cropped. Some rights reserved.



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